LONG DISTANCE Specific Strength and Conditioning Workout for Athletes | Training & Exercises|


us flagsHigh Performance


High Performance : - Foundational training Macrocycle

High Performance : - Functional training Macrocycle




us flagsProfessional Athletes


Professional Athletes : - In-Season training Macrocycle


Professional Athletes : - Active Rest Period Macrocycles

Professional Athletes : - Pre-Season training Macrocycle

Professional Athletes : - Foundational Macrocycle

Professional Athletes : - Foundational & Functional training Macrocycle




us flagsYouth Performance


Youth Performance : - Foundational training Macrocycle


Youth Performance : - Functional training Macrocycle


Youth Performance : - In-Season training Macrocycle

Youth Performance : - Pre-Season training Macrocycle



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Strength Training for long distance


Try these progressions and build your way up to the full workouts.

Here are specific workouts. For each workout I’ve included a couple ideas on modifications. Start with what you’re able to do and make a plan to work your way up to this level – it won’t happen overnight but it won’t happen at all if you never begin!