Pro Level Pre-Season training Macrocycles 2

  • Weeks 27-31 of Macrocycle 2 for Pre-Season training.
  • This is a twice a week resistance training.
  • Do 5-10 minutes of a dynamic warm-up.
  • Complete in straight sets with 60 seconds rest between sets.

Over the Back Toss

1. Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Have a partner or trainer stand approximately 10-15 yards behind you.
2. Grasp ball and lower body into a semi-squat position. Explode up extending the entire body and throwing medicine ball up and over the body.
3. The goal is to throw the ball behind you as far as you and generating most of the power in the legs.
4. Catch ball on the bounce from your partner and repeat according to prescribed repetitions.

Slide board hamstring curls

1. Start by putting something on your shoes or place a towel on the slide board.
2. Place your heels on the slide board and lie on your back.
3. Proceed to press into the slide board and pull your feet towards your hips while raise your hips off the ground.
3. Return to the starting position and repeat for the desired repetitions.

Free Motion Leg Extension

1. Start by facing away from the machine and placing a foot into the foot attachment.
2. Proceed to extend your leg until it is straight.
3. Return to the starting position and repeat for the prescribed repetitions. Repeat with the other leg.
4. For variety you can swing your leg while you extend it or you can keep it stabilized next to your other knee. A third example is to hold your knee out in front of you like in a high knee positon and hold it there while you complete your leg extension.

Shoulder Press

1) Sit in upright position on a ball.
2) Start position: Position DB’s to ear level with an overhand grip (palms facing forward).
3) Press hands up above head keeping wrists over the elbows and arms moving parallel to body at all times.
4) Return to start position.
5) Remember to keep back and head straight in a neutral position - hyperextension or excessive flexion may cause injury.

Straight Back Seated Cable Row (with bar)

1. Sit in upright position with knees slightly bent and feet planted on foot rests (if applicable).
2. Start position: Grasp bar with overhand grip (palms facing down) with arms fully extended and shoulder width apart. Back should be straight in a neutral position.
3. Keep elbows close to body and pull bar towards abdominal region. Squeeze shoulder blades together as bar touches abdominal region.
4. Return to start position.
5. Remember to keep back straight throughout entire movement - forward flexion of low back may cause injury.

Incline DB chest press

1. Start by lying on an inclined bench and hold dumbells at chest level with your palms facing forward.
2. Press the dumbells straight up towards the ceiling until your arms are extended.
3. Return to the starting position and repeat according to the prescribed repetitions.

One Arm Cable Pushdown

1) Stand approximately 2-3 feet away from overhead pulley with feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. You may use a staggered stance for increased stability.
2) Start position: Grasp handle with shoulder width or medium overhand grip (palms down). Lower handle to chest level so that elbow is bent at 90°.
3) Keeping shoulder stabilized and elbow close to side, extend arm and lower bar to hip level.
4) Return to start position.
5) Remember to keep back and head erect and in a neutral position. Stabilize shoulders by squeezing shoulder blades together slightly.

Prone Knee Tucks on Ball

1. Start by placing your legs on top of a stability ball and your hands on the ground to form a plank position.
2. Drive your knees in towards your chest bringing the ball with you.
3. Return to the starting position and repeat. Keep your abs tight and your hips parallel with your body.

Half Kneeling Chop

1. Start by kneeling on your inside knee with your outside knee up.
2. Grab the bar with your left hand at the bottom and your right hand towards the top of the handle.
3. Proceed to pull with one hand and push with the other down and across the front of your body. You should end up with your right hand level with your left hand.
4. While maintaining balance proceed to raise the bar back to the starting position and repeat for the desired repetitions.

Resisted Pullovers

1. Lie on your back with the ball under your upper back. Hold a medicine ball with your arms extended above your head.
2. Raise the ball to a 45 degree angle and have a partner push down on the ball.
3. Try to resist your partners pushing and return to the 45 degree angle to repeat.