Pro Level In-Season training Macrocycle 2

  • Weeks 37-41(or longer) of Macrocycle 2 for In-Season training.
  • This is a twice a week resistance program.
  • Do 5-10 minutes of a dynamic warm-up.
  • Complete in straight sets with 30 seconds rest between sets.

Glute/Hip Extension on ball

1. Lie on your stomach across the top of a stability ball.
2. Bend your knees and place ankle weights around the feet.
3. Extend your hips and raise your legs up towards the ceiling by contracting your glutes.
4. Return to the starting position and repeat.

One Leg Squat

1) Stand with feet hip width apart with knees slightly bent and toes pointing forward.
2) Start position: Lift one foot off ground and extend leg forward. Extend arms forward at hip level. If strong enough hold a dumbbell at chest level.
3) Lower body by flexing at the hips and knees. Upper body can flex forward at the hips slightly (~5°) during movement. Be sure to “sit back” so that knees stay over the feet.
4) Once thigh is slightly above parallel (as shown) return to start position.


1. Step up on foot platform (if available) and position hands on dip bars.
2. Start position: Remove feet from platforms and suspend the body with slightly bent elbows. Lean forward slightly so that your elbows are slightly past the plane of your back and knees slightly bent.
3. Lower your body until your upper arm is parallel to the floor.
4. Return to starting position by extending the elbows to a slightly bent position.
5. Remember to keep the trunk bent forward, head neutral, and chest up.

Perform with a weighted vest or belt for added resistance.

Seated Shoulder Press on 1 Leg

1) Sit in upright position with feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Raise one leg up off the floor and maintain your balance.
2) Start position: Position DB’s to ear level with an overhand grip (palms facing forward).
3) Press hands up above head keeping wrists over the elbows and arms moving parallel to body at all times.
4) Return to start position.
5) Remember to keep back and head straight in a neutral position - hyperextension or excessive flexion may cause injury.

Alternating DB Chest Press on Ball

1. Start by lying on your back on the ball. Hold a dumbell in each hand with your elbows out.
2. Contract your abdominals to maintain stability and once you are stabilized alternate and press one dumbell up above your chest. Then press the other dumbell.
3. Continue for the required number of repetitions.

Reverse Wood Chop with bands or cable

1. Start by standing parallel to the band or cable.
2. Hang onto the handle in front of your body. Keeping your arms semi straight rotate your body out and away from the band.
3. Keep your feet planted and twist from your trunk or core. Remember to keep your arms semi straight throughout the movement.
4. Return to the starting point and repeat according to the required repetitions.
5. Repeat with the other side.