Pre-Season training Macrocycle 2

Weeks 27-31 of Macrocycle 2 for Pre-Season training. This is a twice a week resistance program. Do 5-10 minutes of a dynamic warm-up. Complete straight sets with 60 seconds rest between sets. Complete an agility workout 2x a week.

Lying Leg Press

Starting Position: Place your shoulders under the pads and your feet should be about shoulder width apart on the platform.
Release the safety bars and bend your knees into a squatted position.
Once your thighs break parallel then extend your legs to a soft bend in your knees.
Repeat for the prescribed number of reps.
Keep your abs tight throughout the movement to minimize low back injury or strain.

Hamstring Curl

1) Assume back lying position on floor. Place hands at sides with palms down on floor.
2) Start position: Place heels of both feet on top of stability ball. Raise hips off floor.
3) Curl heels toward glutes by flexing at the knee. Hips should remain off floor.
4) Return to start position.
5) Remember to maintain stability of ball by utilizing muscles in the trunk and core. To increase difficulty, cross arms hands over chest to take away base of suppport.

One arm chest press and thrust

1) Walk feet forward allowing flexaball to roll underneath body until it is positioned on mid to upper back region (you may rest head on flexaball). Raise hips to create a “table top” position parallel to floor.
3) Start position: Maintaining stability, bring 1 DB to shoulder and press up positioning DB above the chest with palm facing forward.
4) Lower the DB keeping your forearm perpendicular to the floor and your hand aligned at the nipple line.
5) Let your upper arm go slightly past parallel to the floor and press the DB up to the start position. As you press up forcefully bring the other arm down towards the shoulder.
6) Your body should rotate just a little with this type of movement. Complete prescribed repetitions and then perform with other arm.

DB squat and press

1. Start by holding the dumbells at shoulder level.
2. Proceed into a squat and when you start to stand up push the dumbells overhead until fully extended.
3. Bring the dumbells back down and go into a 1/4 squat. Return to the starting position.
4. Repeat this movement for the recommended repetitions.

Wood Chop with band or cable

1. Start by standing parallel to the band or cable.
2. Hang onto the handle in front of your body but up above your head and over the shoulder. Keeping your arms semi straight rotate your body down and away from the band.
3. Keep your feet planted and twist from your trunk or core. Remember to keep your arms semi straight throughout the movement.
4. Return to the starting point and repeat according to the required repetitions.

5. Repeat with the other side.

Cable Lateral Curls

1. Start by holding a cable in each hand at shoulder level with your arms extended.
2. Your palms should be facing up. Now curl the cables up and towards your shoulders keeping your elbows in a relatively stationary position.
3. Return to the starting position and repeat for the desired repetitions.

Lateral Leg Swings

1. Start by holding onto a secure object and raise your outside leg out to the side.
2. In a smooth and continuous motion swing your leg back and forth across the front of your body.
3. Swing through your full range of motion but keep your upper body stable throughout the movement.
4. Repeat for the recommended repetitions and then flip sides and repeat with the other leg.

Diamond Pushups

1. Lie face down on the floor with hands palm down, fingers pointing straight ahead, and aligned at the nipple line.
2. Place hands in the center of your chest and form a diamond shape with your index fingers and thumbs. Feet should be at hip width with toes on floor.
3. Start position: Extend the elbows and raise the body off the floor.
4. Lower your entire body (legs, hips, trunk, and head) 4-8 inches from the floor.
5. Return to the start position by extending at the elbows and pushing the body up.
6. Remember to keep the head and trunk stabilized in a neutral position by isometrically contracting the abdominal and back muscles. Never fully lock out the elbows at the start position and avoid hyperextension of the low back.

Alternating Superman

1) Lie face down on floor with arms extended overhead. You may place a rolled towel under forehead to clear face from floor.
2) Raise right arm and left leg 4-8 inches off floor.
3) Lower and raise alternate opposite arm and leg.
Remember to keep head and back in a neutral position. Shoulders and hips should remain squared throughout movement.

Lying Side Crunch

1) Lie with back on floor or bench with knees bent.
2) Start position: Let your knees fall to the right so that your hips are somewhat rotated.
3) Leading with the chin and left shoulder, contract abdominal muscles and raise left shoulder off floor or bench towards left knee.
4) Return to start position. Repeat with other side.
5) Remember to keep head and neck in neutral position throughout movement. Do not twist excessively - elbow does not need to touch knee.

Standing Lift with ball

1. Start by standing and squeezing a ball between your legs.
2. Grab the bar with your left hand at the bottom and your right hand towards the top of the handle.
3. Proceed to pull with one hand and push with the other up and across the front of your body. You should end up with your right hand above your left shoulder.
4. While maintaining balance proceed to lower the bar back to the starting position and repeat for the desired repetitions.