High School Level Functional training Macrocycle 2-C

  • Weeks 13-18 of Macrocycle 2 for Functional training.
  • This is a Friday workout(lower back, lats, biceps).
  • Do 5-10 minutes of a dynamic warm-up to start workout.
  • Complete in straight sets with 60 seconds rest between sets.

Power Cleans

Starting Position: Grab the barbell with your body is in a bentover stance with your back flat.
Explode up by pushing your feet through the floor keeping the bar close to your legs.
Keep your arms straight and forcefully extend your hips, knees, and ankles.
At the same time shrug your shoulders and at their highest point curl the bar up while forcing your hips forward and support the bar at chest level .
Return to starting position and repeat.

Use 60-75 of max.


Keep torso straight but bent forward at the hips slightly.
Explosively raise the barbell by extending the hips, knee and ankle in a “jumping action”.
Keep your elbow pointed out and arm straight.
At maximum height slightly flex the hips then the knees.
Rotate elbows around and under the barbell. At maximum bar height, fully extend the elbows and lock the barbell overhead.
Catch the barbell by flexing at the knees and hips to absorb the weight and stand to a parallel stance.

Use 60-75 of max.

Zercher Good Mornings

1. Stand in an upright position and place a barbell in the crease of your elbows. Bend your arms to less than 90 degrees to create this crease.
2. Holding the barbell in your arms bend forward at the waist to about 45 degrees.
3. Stand back up to an upright position and repeat. Remember to keep your legs straight throughout the movement.

Prone Row with Ball

1. Lie face down on a stability ball so that the ball is under your lower abdomen.
2. Holding two dumbells row them up towards your shoulders keeping your elbows out wide and back staying flat.
3. Remember to pinch your shoulder blades together as you row and keep your upper body stable.

Straight arm trunk rotation with kettleballs

1. Start by sitting on a stability ball and holding two kettleballs out to the side.
2. Holding the kettleballs in this posiiton rotate your trunk so that your turn about 90 degrees.
3. Return to the starting position and repeat to the other side. Keep your body upright and abs stay tight.

Reverse Curl

1) Start position: Lie with back on floor or bench with hips flexed at 90° and feet in air holding onto a ball. Position arms at sides with palms down on floor.
2) Leading with the heels towards the ceiling, raise glutes (butt) off floor or bench.
3) Return to start position.
4) Remember keep legs from swinging to prevent momentum throughout the exercise.

DB Preacher Curl

1) Adjust seat or arm support height so that, while seated, top of arm support pad is at chest level.
2) Position arm with elbows and upper arm supported on pad.
3) Start position: Grasp DB with underhand grip (palms facing up) with elbows slightly bent. Choose a narrow or wide grip as shown.
4) Flex at elbows until forearm is perpendicular to floor. Contract biceps at top of movement.
5) Return to start position.
6) Remember to keep shoulders stabilized - do not shrug shoulders forward on down (eccentric) phase of movement. Do not fully extend elbows at bottom of movement.

Seated Dumbell Bicep Curl

1) Sit in upright position on stability ball.
2) Start position: Grasp DB’s with underhand grip (palms facing forward) and allow arms to hang down at sides. Elbows should be close to sides.
3) Flex at the elbows and curl DB’s up to approximately shoulder level. Keep elbows close to sides throughout movement.
4) Return to start position.