Vertical Jump Workout 7

Complete in straight sets with 2 minutes rest in between sets.

Hang Clean to Full Squat (barbell)

Keep torso straight but bent forward at the hips slightly.
Explosively raise the bar by extending the hips, knee and ankle in a “jumping action”.
Keep your elbows out and shoulders directly above bar as long as possible.
Keep the bar close to the body.
Once you have extended the lower leg shrug your shoulders and at maximum elevation of the shoulders start pulling with the arms.
Keep the elbows high during the pull until the highest point.
Rotate elbows around and underneath the bar.
Rack the bar across the front of the shoulders.
Slightly flex the hips and knees to absorb the weight.
This should be a fluid motion where all the steps flow together.
Now go into a full squat maintaining the barbell on your shoulders.
Return to the starting position.

Single Leg Hop to Box (2 foot land)

1. Stand facing box with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart.
2. Lower body into a semi-squat position and jump up onto box using only 1 foot. Land on the box with both feet.
3. Step back down (not jump back down) and repeat with other leg.

Multiple Barrier Jumps

1. Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart behind the first barrier.
2. Jump over first barrier, immediately jump over next barrier and so on down the row.
3. Repeat as prescribed.

Step Vertical Jump

1. Stand under the basketball rim, soccer goal crossbar, or football goal post (or any high object as a reference point).
2. Take one step then jump and reach with alternating hand attempting to reach the object on every jump until you complete the prescribed number of repetitions.
3. Remember to keep foot-ground contact time at a minimum, with each jump being at least as high as the previous.

Cable Leg Curls

1. Start by standing in front of the machine with one cable strap around 1 leg.
2. Maintaining your balance curl that leg up and back until your foot almost touches your butt.
3. Return to the starting position and repeat for the prescribed repetitions.
4. Repeat with the other leg.

Machine Seated Calf Raise

1. Sit in the machine and place your knees underneath the pad and the balls of your feet on the foot plate.
2. Raise your heels up towards the ceiling and release the safety stop.
3. Start movement by lowering your heels towards the floor to the fullest range of motion. Flex your calves and push the balls of your feet into the foot plate and raise your heels up towards the ceiling.
4. Repeat for the prescribed number of repetitions.

Standing Machine Calf Raise

1) Step into provided shoulder pads. Adjust lever arm so that plates do not touch when lowering the weight.
2) Stand with feet hip width apart or stand on the edge of a step on the balls of feet with heels hanging over edge. Toes should be pointing forward.
3) Contract calves by pushing off balls of feet to raise heels up in air (standing on toes)
4) Lower heels and repeat.
5) Remember to keep knees slightly bent throughout movement to prevent any knee strain. Adjust weight load accordingly.