Agility Workout 4

  • Complete in straight sets with 30sec-1 minute rest between sets.

Side Step/Double Step

1. Start by sprinting laterally through the ladder starting with your right foot.
2. Step into each square with every foot. Step with the left foot and then the right before continuing to the next square.
3. Repeat according to the suggested repetitions and sets.
Complete 2 times in each direction to equal 1 set

Snake Jump

1. Start by straddling one side of the ladder.
2. Keeping both feet together perform a quarter jump so that a foot is in each square.
3. Then perform another quarter turn and land straddling the outside of the ladder.
4. Continue this motion back and forth down the ladder.
5. Repeat according to the desired reps and sets.
Complete 2 times in each direction to equal 1 set.

Carioca in ladder

1. Start by standing at the end of the ladder sideways to the first square.
2. Step into the first square with your left leg and immediately bring your right leg over and in front of the left leg and place it into the second square.
3. Proceed to bring your left leg up and over into the 3rd square.
4. Continuously pick your right leg up and bring it behind your left leg into the 4th square.
5. Continue to repeat this alternating pattern down the length of the ladder.
6. Repeat as recommended.
Complete 2 times in each direction to equal 1 set.

Butt Kick

Start with a light jog
Pull the heel of the lower leg up to and bounce off the butt.
Your knee should come forward and up during the movement.

Heel Sprints

Run keeping the legs straight and the foot plantar flexed (toes curled up) so that you are on your heels.
Focus on minimal ground contact and pull through with the heel.

High Knee Drill

1. Stand at foot of agility ladder or just stand in place.
2. Drive knee up towards chest and place that foot in first square or back on the ground.
Drive other knee up and land in next square and so on down the ladder in a moderate to fast jog with minimal ground contact time.

Step Jumps

1. Stand beside object to be cleared.
2. Bring knees up and jump vertically but also laterally off ground and over the barrier.
3. Land on both feet and jump the other direction over barrier.

Leg Lateral Line Hop

1. Stand with left foot directly beside a line.
2. Pushing off with the left foot, hop and land with left foot on the other side of the line.
3. Continue hopping back and forth till you hit the required repetitions. Repeat with other leg.
5. Remember to keep knees slightly bent.


1. Place cones in a row each 1 yard apart.
2. Step forward quickly and diagonally to the right of the first cone and then lead with the left foot to the left side of the second cone.
3. Repeat this back and forth for the desired distance.