Agility Workout 10

  • Complete in a circuit and complete each exercise one time.
  • Rest 2 minutes and then repeat for a 2nd and 3rd circuit.

Tuck Jump and Sprint

1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, with arms at sides.
2. Jump up bringing knees up to chest.
3. Land on balls of feet and immediately go into a sprint for the recommended distance.
4. Remember to reduce ground contact time by landing soft on feet and springing into air.

Multi-Directional Hurdle Jumps

1. Stand 1-2 feet away from hurdle. Feet should be slightly wider than hip-width apart in a semi-squat position.
2. Driving the arms up jump over hurdle.
3. In mid-air turn your body to the left or right and land with the hurdle to your side. Upon landing, quickly jump over next hurdle and face forward again before landing.
Complete 5 in each direction per set.

Fast Feet on Box

1. Stand behind box and place one foot on top of box, heel close to the closest edge.
2. Push off the box and explode vertically to bring the other foot onto the box.
3. Step back down with your feet reversed.
4. Repeat with other leg and continue according to prescribed number of repetitions.

Two Foot Zig Zap Hops

1. Stand to the left of the ladder approximately 1-2 feet away.
2. Forcefully push off both feet and land the on the other side of the ladder.
3. Repeat and land feet back on the other side, continue repeating and so on down the ladder.
4. Do not “double hop” upon each landing.

Step Jumps

1. Stand beside object to be cleared.
2. Bring knees up and jump vertically but also laterally off ground and over the barrier.
3. Land on both feet and jump the other direction over barrier.

Lateral Weave

1. Start by holding your arms out to the side and laterally side step over the first bag and continue with stepping over the other bags.
2. Once you reach the end of the bags immediately repeat the side steps coming back over the bags to the starting position.
3. Repeat according to the desired repetitions.

Leg Hop

1. Start by standing on one leg and hopping into the first square and continously hop into the next square.
2. Repeat with the same leg on down the ladder.
3. Repeat with the other leg and then repeat according to the desired repetitions.
1= 1 trip through the ladder with each leg.

Carioca in ladder

1. Start by standing at the end of the ladder sideways to the first square.
2. Step into the first square with your left leg and immediately bring your right leg over and in front of the left leg and place it into the second square.
3. Proceed to bring your left leg up and over into the 3rd square.
4. Continuously pick your right leg up and bring it behind your left leg into the 4th square.
5. Continue to repeat this alternating pattern down the length of the ladder.
6. Repeat as recommended.