Agility Workout 7

  • Complete as one circuit and move from exercise to exercise until they are completed once.
  • Rest 2-3 minutes and then repeat again for a 2nd and 3rd set resting in-between the circuits.

Explosive Start Throws

Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Knees should be slightly bent.
Pick medicine ball up to chest level.
Quickly explode up and press the ball straight out as far and fast as you can.
As you press the ball forward explode with either leg so that you actually sprint forward a couple of steps.

Downhill Run

1. Start by picking a hill with an incline of 3-7 degrees.
2. Sprint at maximum speed for the recommended distance.
3. Repeat for the recommended number of repetitions.

Heavy Sled Pulls

1. Start by attaching the belt to your waist and get in position with tension on the rope.
2. Proceed to run for recommended distance at maximum effort.
3. Repeat according to prescribed repetitions.

Partner Assisted Running

1. Start by attaching the belt around your waist and the other belt around your partners waist.
2. Start by taking the slack out of the tubing.
3. Once the tubing is taut then start running and your partner is to create resistance so that you have to work harder to run. Continue sprinting or running for the desired distance.
4. Repeat for the desired repetitions.
5. Variations: Have a faster person in the front to tow the slower runner and force them to run faster. Another variation is to have the front runner create a stretch in the tubing and then both runners take off at the same time. The tubing pulls the 2nd runner at a faster rate of speed until the tension is gone in the tubing.

Hop Scotch

1. Start by placing your feet on the outside of the first square.
2. Proceed to hop with both feet into the square and immediately hop with both feet into the next square.
3. Quickly hop out of the second square and then back into the second square before hopping to the 3rd square.
4. Continue the length of the ladder and repeat for the desired repetitions.

Leg Hop

1. Start by standing on one leg and hopping into the first square and continously hop into the next square.
2. Repeat with the same leg on down the ladder.
3. Repeat with the other leg and then repeat according to the desired repetitions.
Complete 1 ladder per set per leg.

Side Right In

1. Start by standing sideways to the ladder and step with the right foot into the first square.
2. Step forward with the left foot over the first square to the other side of the ladder.
3. Step laterally with the right foot to the second square.
4. Step backward with the left foot over the ladder until it is in front of the second square.
5. Repeat according to the suggested repetitions.
6. You can also repeat this exercise leading with the left foot.

Zigzag in ladder

1. Start by standing with the ladder to your right and cross over with your left foot into the first square.
2. Step with your right foot behind your left foot so that it lands into the first square.
3. Then step back out of the ladder with your left foot to land outside the second square.
4. Repeat according to the desired repetitions.
Complete 1 time with each leg per side per set.


1. Step to the left with your left leg and immediately bring your right leg over and in front of the left leg and place it onto the other side of your left leg.
3. Proceed to bring your left leg up and over so that you are standing parallel again.
4. Continuously pick your right leg up and bring it behind your left leg onto the other side.
5. Continue to repeat this alternating pattern for the desired distance.
6. Repeat as recommended.
Repeat with the opposite leg leading to complete one set.