Functional Strength For Triathletes Functional Strength For Triathletes

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This simple, authoritative guide shows triathletes of all levels how to effectively strength train at home with functional moves that challenge the body in multiple planes of motion to enhance stability and ignite the neuromuscular system for better performance. Detailed instructions show you how to incorporate the Functional Strength Training Model into your existing training plan. The book features a ready-made, customizable program with lots of pictures so you can start getting stronger before your next race.

Ingrid Loos Miller Ingrid is a USAT Certified Coach, Sport Nutrition Consultant and triathlete. She knows first-hand how crucial Functional Strength Training is to a triathlete's success, having been told by a doctor a decade ago that she was "too big and too old to run". She met co-author Jim Herkimer and with his help has run marathons, finished multiple Ironman races and sometimes even finds herself on the podium in local triathlons. Her other books include Ironplanner - Iron Distance Organizer for Triathletes, Weight Management for Triathletes and Fearless Swimming for Triathletes. Ingrid lives and coaches in Southern California. Jim Herkimer, MS Exercise Physiology, MS Sports Medicine, MPT Jim has an extensive background in exercise prescription, sports conditioning and functional rehabilitation as a licensed physical therapist and certified athletic trainer. He is passionate about helping multisport athletes reach their personal goals. Jim is the Executive Director of Sport Conditioning and Rehabilitation (SCAR) in Orange, California. He has served as an advisor to the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sport and is currently a member of the California State CIF Sports Medicine Advisory Committee.

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